Foreign car rental into a new growth point
At noon, the reporter to interview with a car rental company, see previous interviews with some companies are very different. Before companies are open to welcome guests, which are in a closed state. Ask about know, since some 12 vehicles, the company is more than 200,000 yuan in intermediate cars, currently a long-term rental, lease some vehicles for several months, and maximum rental period is 3 years. The monthly rent at the 1. 10,000 to 1. Between 20,000 yuan.
"More than 10,000 yuan a month rent, and more than 100,000 yuan a year, who will rent? "Shenzhen business news reporter's question, they laughed, they say, Shenzhen held a number of large investments in high-scale every year to discuss the show, many enterprises in Shenzhen will set up a temporary office before, and before item does not establish will not buy a car, they need this car, many people choose to rent. In addition, some units of fixed assets is limited, so would rather spend a hundred thousand of Yuan rent, rather than buy a car.
The Shenzhen commercial daily journalists reveal their profits: "these ' long-stay ' car rental and two years later, almost returned the car cost, and then we'll get sold on the second-hand market, basically you can get a new car price 30%~50% price, that's why we invested in the car of the profit. "
Yin Bo endorsed long-stay profitable models. He told reporters an account: a normal 10 years worth 150,000 yuan car, rent 8. About 50,000 yuan/year, drivers pay 30,000 yuan per year, one year maintenance cost around 30,000 yuan, only rent to low cost, fast profit.

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