Cars car rental more difficult?
"Now, vehicle variety, prices are high, medium, low, and loans, loan and corresponding concessions, people bought cars and getting higher and higher. More private cars, we have car rental industry is more and more difficult to do. "Yesterday, the Hohhot runtong auto renting a staff surnamed Cao told reflect, now car rental costs are too high, too low profit, unlike in previous years, business is booming.

In recent years, Huhhot area of economic development speed speed up, growth continuous years in 27 a capital city in the top, pillar industry, and industries, and backbone enterprise, and energy enterprise, development good, residents living has has obviously of improve, and public of economic between activities increased, most public are can recognized car rental behavior, so car rental this shortcut, and economic, and environmental, and flexible, and risk small of traffic way, is gradually was increasingly more of enterprise, and hotel, and residents, recognized. However, the car rental industry is lagging behind in Hohhot, and Huhhot area economic development environment does not adapt, as far as the second economic census data show that as of the end of 2008, Huhhot area car rental companies a total of 37.
In this regard, runtong auto renting Cao staff said: "now is more than more than 30 registered, but have not registered, there are linked, so that added up to seventy or eighty. "
Surnamed Cao told Xinhua, since car rental companies, rental prices are too low, plus insurance, depreciation, wear and tear, such as cost-effective, profit is very small. Moreover, the insurance companies there is no car rental insurance, once the accident was not to claim, the stakes are big.
Tenants and reduce short term rental guests
It is understood that Hohhot car rental conditions of access, to set up a leasing company must have at least 500 square meters of business space, not less than 10 cars, and must have a fixed office space, so to some extent, limiting the stock of the car rental companies.
According to the National Bureau of investigation team show in Hohhot: with the increasingly high rate of private cars, the car rental industry and reduce short term rental guests, this leads to car rental, affect the rental industry. Department management in place, lack of industry associations, undisciplined constraints, leading to disorderly competition in the industry, some other industry companies are also engaged in car rental business, such as used cars in the rental car business, hindered the development of the car rental industry.
"Due to the start-up leasing company will throw in a large, high input costs of the company, except for the vehicle acquisition costs, also requires a vehicle maintenance costs, insurance, there are a variety of taxes, labor costs, as costs cannot be recovered in two years, the company increased pressure, reduced ability to value, value. "Cao staff said.
Reporters learned that at present, most of the car rental industry in Hohhot luxury car rent of 400-600 Yuan every day, mid-range car rent of 260-350 Yuan a day, cheap car rent 150-200 Yuan a day. The car rental business is mainly in used-car information, car travel, wedding cars, airport transfers, business leases, transfers, and so on.
Operation enhance self-discipline
Car rentals for their financing and marketing functions, promote the development of automobile industry, stimulate consumption and improve resource utilization, showed great potential and good prospects for development.
In this regard, the staff recommendations of the National Bureau of investigation teams in Hohhot: attention to develop large scale, dot, full function of the leading enterprises, to promote the entire industry credibility, leading the industry as a whole has expanded. Relaxing the conditions of access, standards, increased industry self-regulation, purification market, fair competition, has ordered a benign environment for the development of the car rental industry. And improve the quality of employees, maintain healthy development of car rental. Continuously forge ahead, actively carry out such as automobile clubs, driving long distance Charter, InterCity through train car rental business, and diversity, but also to further strategic cooperation, aviation and hotel industry.

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