South East motor for double-buy
Recently, the South East motor news, the only express delivery sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, world logistics giant UPS (United Parcel Service) buy new Delica 170 Southeast again, become the UPS after you buy the new Delica and gratifying to watch the event. It is understood that UPS has been maintained stable friendly relations of cooperation with the South East motor. So far, UPS company has started to buy more than 400 sets new benefit card for express delivery services. The buy as a continuation of cooperation between enterprises, new Delica Southeast will continue its good performance and after-sales service for the UPS logistics courier services to get both sides, a win-win situation.
Meanwhile, to meet the Olympic Games, Qingdao City Public Security Bureau to Southeast auto card you will buy 75 new police cars, as May the new Delica industries buy another masterpiece. Prior to this, Qingdao City Public Security Bureau has purchased more than 100 sets of Futura cards, as well as hundreds of the Delica, rationing, Qingdao's major police station as a police car in order to maintain everyday security police. Buy this time, not only was Qingdao City Public Security Bureau on the trust of South East motor, is competitive and good quality of South East motor vehicle itself confirmed.
New Delica, Southeast freeca in time really "pot of gold" for excellence in quality and performance, get the favour of many departments and units, and units of the winning group buy. South East motor top view, South East motor products in the business market multiple outstanding performance and unit group buy, reflecting the Southeast automobile brand rising, also reflects the South East motor in environmental protection, energy saving, and other advances in technology research and development.
It is reported that the new Southeast Delica, Futura card since April play the cut card, both models, launched in the market a lot of waves. 1. 50,000 yuan, the highest drop not only broke the record for market prices at the same level, highlights the challenge of high performance-cost ratio. It is understood that the sales due to price increase is continuing.

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