Car rental market heats up
The weather gradually warmed, with the advent of marriage boom, car rental markets are starting to "come alive" again.
Lincoln to make an appointment
Nanjing Sun fishing port as early as 2005, spent more than 3 million Yuan to buy 2 extra long Lincoln "shop of the town", due to the increase in size and number of the wedding, Lincoln was too "busy", the shop had to improve the conditions of free use of the Lincoln: wedding consumption is to reach 30,000 yuan, only "qualified" car, and you must make an appointment in advance. Other car rental companies of Lincoln was very tight.
Miss Wang complained to reporters, wanted to book a longer "Lincoln" car, make her own wedding scene, but asked several wedding companies, said every luxury car is too "intense", now has made it, but he had to change a Cadillac. More and more people now hold high end wedding, wedding limo is relatively small, a wedding company says, "this year's wedding season, orders for luxury cars now have basically booked up. "
Car owners aware of market
Because of the wedding car rental boom, many high-end private car owners can go into a professional wedding car hire. A wedding company official told reporters, they and members of the public company signed a lease contract, there is an Audi A6, each trip can earn 400 Yuan. However, industry insiders say, car taxi-source is not "stable", "many owners for more money, access list, agreed to three services a day, and again promised Li attended the dinner, turnover will not open late, default, affect the wedding effect, couples looking for wedding companies claim. But because of the responsibility, is to deal with the trouble. "

In the car behind the popular, wedding car rental market has exposed a number of problems. Nanjing wedding company the majority of smaller, car rental service, but most companies do not have their own car, they "get" luxury cars, not renting a hotel or car rental company, is leased from private owners. According to industry sources, "power big wedding company, Canton, can directly rent a car and power smaller wedding companies often need to big companies leased vehicles. After the ' setter ' vehicle rental nature than the ' car '. If car rental 1000 Yuan, then used cars for rent 1500 Yuan. "In addition, the peak car cars lined up, wedding company will also go to Suzhou, Hangzhou and other foreign car, the petrol, bridge tolls, is naturally count on a new poll.
Car rental, private car owners in addition to liability issues, there are still tax regulatory issues. According to reports, the car rental business according to regulations should pay 5.5% of business tax and urban construction tax and education surcharge, and in accordance with the law on individual income tax, rental income up to a certain amount, should pay personal income tax 20%. However, judging from the current situation, no wedding rentals private owners take the initiative to tax, while owners of private agreements with the wedding company is private, money will "help", "red envelopes" to this argument, the tax is very difficult to monitor.

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