New darling of the domestic car market has become the capital
In July of this year, a well-known travel Web site the same way networks successfully docked the Supreme car rental, online reservations, both sides returned to Commission models, began a series of close co-operation. In early August, followed by Hi, and also the same way butt cooperation network. Same way network successfully, leading car rental companies, such as extreme immigration as its suppliers, allows us to see the domestic car rental industry and the broad prospects for cooperation and win-win e-commerce site. Car rental markets continue to be popular, as most industries in full swing this year, has become the new darling of a lot of capital from home and abroad.
In August this year, EHI has announced the completion of the third round of funding, with a total investment amounting to us $ 70 million. This financing round led by Goldman Sachs capital, existing shareholders Qiming, CDH venture, IgnitionCapital, JAFCO Asia and Chinese capital investment.
September 15, China's car rental industry by far the largest, highest amount of investment cooperation opening. Legend Holdings announced in the form of equity and debt capital of 1.2 billion yuan in cash and wholly-owned China auto rental. In October, the official investment of 25 million yuan of the China auto rental, wholly-owned Shanghai East China car rental co., Ltd. This is last September after receiving the legend the injection of billions of Yuan China auto rental one of the strategic initiatives.
In addition, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and other car companies have also announced their source advantages and dealer locations, involved in car rental field. The concentration of huge amounts of money into, make the car rental industry has always been somewhat quiet all of a sudden became the focus of media attention. Why investment Chamber of Commerce big capital bet into the rental market? the main reason is:
For one thing, China's environment pressure
China's environmental problems, population problems prompted the Government to tend to the boot of the car rental industry, Premier Wen Jiabao last year, in particular, to develop the automotive leasing industry, promote the rational consumption of cars.
At present, car ownership in the country is less than 4%, but in the development of automobile industry United States and 300 million people with 200 million cars, household vehicle ownership is close to 70%. If the United States the proportion of China's 1.5 billion people in the future will have 1 billion vehicles. This is bound to our natural environment, resource allocation and other catastrophic problems.
However, the United States cars while maintaining a global leader, but its domestic car rental industry is thriving. According to the data, in the United States, used for car rental vehicles of more than 5 million vehicles. In the form of leasing new cars sold accounted for about one-third of the country's total vehicle sales. In contrast, car rental business starts low, there is no scale, even if China's largest national chains, car rental companies, such as extreme, Hey, China, etc, its rental cars only for thousands of cars, great space. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development of the automotive industry, in order to relieve growing traffic congestion problem, as represented by the car rental resource sharing model will be the only way of developing China's urbanization.
Secondly, the perfection of China's credit system
Personal credit rating system in Europe and the United States has a history of nearly 200 years, in Hong Kong, China, the United States also has been developing for more than 20 years, while in mainland China, personal credit rating system has just started in some places. Sluggish in 1999, the country's first professional credit intermediaries--Shanghai credit limited was established to formally marked the debut of China's personal credit system.
In March 1999, the people's Bank of China issued a circular on developing personal consumption credit guidelines, proposed "gradually establish a consumer credit system" and "credit system are important conditions for the development of individual consumer credit business", and so on. In April 2000, China formally instituted the individual savings account regulations on the real-name system, the system's implementation of the establishment of China's personal accounts and the basis of personal credit information. Since then, the commercial banks also have use of the personal credit information available personal credit rating, introducing personal credit to credit management.
Today, our credit card has achieved universal mass, personal credit system is initially built. This is causing China's domestic car rental industry a golden opportunity.
Thirdly, the changes of consumption ideas
With the improvement of people's consumption level, the desire for high-end consumer goods are constantly updated. In the Western world, people change the model 8 months on average. If you spend more than 300,000 yuan to buy a Buick, because of rapid socio-economic development, the car's performance, appearance will be improved, and prices will decline. A year later, if you want to get a new car, old car with 150,000 yuan price are hard to sell. This means price in loss of nearly 200,000 yuan a year. But if rented a Buick, but cost more than 100,000 yuan. Moreover, the latest models can be rented at any time. People often change their mobile phones from the current situation can expect a few years later, often for new cars, are the latest fashion.
According to the University of California to investigate the car rental market in Beijing, people's willingness to use car rental services is relatively high, 840 25% respondents who are interested in car rental. Analysis: the young, highly educated, and higher income or strong awareness of environmental protection will be the main customers of car rental.
Along with the focus on the ecological civilization, "low carbon life" attention, more people realize that car rental can be understood as a more flexible way of car sharing, select car rental service is more economical, more active lifestyle choice.
Four, to ensure good financial position
Since the purchase of vehicles, the vehicle repair and maintenance and annual vehicle inspection is to spend a huge amount of money. However, if you choose car rental there is no trouble, both vehicles for maintenance or other reasons causing the vehicle in normal use, the leasing company will promptly provide replacement vehicles, guaranteed used car needs.
Secondly, since the purchase of vehicles will certainly result in increase in the fixed assets, increased borrowing, liquidity decrease the adverse financial situation. Leased vehicles will avoid these risks, it can improve the utilization of the funds, effective assurance of the individual's financial situation.
In addition, if a traffic accident occurs, individuals must negotiate with insurance companies. Report claims of owners are not familiar with procedures tend to waste a lot of time and money. As vehicle management professional rental companies normally have good relations of cooperation with insurance companies. In the processing of claims, it must have a significant advantage.
Although car rental became the capital of the new darlings, but learned from the same way car rental platform currently car rental companies there are still mixed. A large part of the car rental company had poor management and services are not in place, the price is higher.
Famous tourist site the same way during the formal involvement of the network from October 2009 drive car rental service, self-driving project formally launched in June this year. With its scenic spots, hotels, air tickets and other mature online reservations model, same way network rental business after less than a year of development, has successfully expanded to more than more than 100 cities across the country, provide convenient business self drive car rental service, became China's largest car rental booking platform. Return net rental service has been committed to excellent selection of car rental suppliers, final analysis, ensuring the quality of each and every customer with. Same way net rental Ma Heping, head of the project: the history net rental rate for each customer carefully selection of regular, credible, affordable car rental company, which services more secure.
In short, to make people identify with car rental, advantage, depends to a large extent, car rental companies and raise the level of management. Car rentals at the end of it is the development of new industries, the injection of capital is the only opportunities for development, development also need to be more operators and consumers together to get to know the industry together to cultivate and perfect the market.

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