Car rental: great has only just begun
In recent times, a "Lenovo injected 1 billion yuan holdings China auto rental" message to China's car rental industry with or without vibration.
Reporters noted that legend's website, China auto rental has not yet emerged in the Member list. However, China auto rental website Home opposite the upper right corner of an identity--more legend member enterprises. So far, both sides have not officially announced the details of 1 billion yuan investment, but this identity has meant that China auto rental will soon become Association members of the family.
It's best that China auto rental founder Lu Zhengyao.
"Our current vehicle scale is 4,000 units, 10,000 cars by the end, the goal is 2015, more than 100,000 vehicles, covering the country's 120~130 cities, accounting for 25%~30% of domestic market share. "Legend joined Lu Zhengyao matter-of-factly.
1 billion yuan funding as a catalyst, instantly drive up the enthusiasm of the entire car rental industry, media evaluation, China's car rental market may no longer be tepid.
-There is no "boss"
"What is a car rental? "At home, people who raise the issue number. For most consumers, car rental is a new term, car rental industry with a touch of "still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar" flavor.
Core is of the car rental rent a car instead of buying a car, customers may be individuals or enterprises. In developed countries, car rentals are known like subways and buses.
United States, for example, while car ownership in the world's first, but the car rental industry is still thriving. According to the data, in the United States for car rental vehicles over 5 million and an average annual increase rate of 8%, on the sale of new motor vehicles accounted for total sales of around one-third.
In China, the car rental industry from the 80 's of the last century, although expected to be promising, but not out of the development dilemma.
Data show that currently nearly 3,000 enterprises engaged in car rental services, 2009 car rental experiences by consumers was higher than that of 2006 14.2%, however, owns more than 300 rental vehicle companies are only 20 homes, rental vehicles and only about 40,000 vehicles.
Taxi and car rental Association in Beijing said Wang Zhong, President, "and compared to overseas countries, our car rental industry started late, but there are still gaps from developed countries. "It is understood that only United States 100duowanliang Hertz have a rental car, United States Enterprise, another rental firm's own vehicle is up to 90duowanliang.
Foreign enterprises may be premature, but domestic car rental enterprises "boss" debate has showed signs in recent years. Have Lenovo's huge amounts of money into China auto rental, extreme car rental, EHI equivalent business scale.
However, the insiders, the automotive leasing market is still at the stage of staking, has yet to appear with absolute advantage of leading enterprises.
Associate investment Director, said Director Liu erhai China auto rental, car rental industry has huge market space, but now the market is very fragmented, and there is no absolute number one in the industry, and legend invest heavily in purpose is to expand the China auto rental.
Lenovo seems to have started to realize the desire, China auto rental staff told reporters nearly a month since the company's phone ringing, car rental business has also increased. Did China auto rental legend's brand of "boss" battles heavier weights.
– Activate the "boss"
To be the boss, start with capital.
Three years ago, Lu Zhengyao own funds with 50 million Yuan to set up China auto rental companies. Three years later, China auto rental vehicle from the development of more than 100 vehicles to 4,000 units, covering the city increased from 11 to 30.
Lu Zhengyao know, rent a car belonging to the economies of scale, the scale does not go on, it will form a bottleneck, behind the rapid development of China auto rental and ultimately, capital support. In the early days, United States Fund for KPCB, United States Group CCAS have been injected, including the legend.
Extreme car rental, EHI development road map of the two companies.
In January 2006, extreme car rental company was founded, lead-free guarantee, deposit, credit card rental, chain management advanced model to China; in December, the Supreme car rental from the SIG Asia Maida and Hong Kong funds for the first $ 5 million investment in December 2007, SIG Asia and Hong Kong once again, Maida has invested US $ 50 million.
Also is 2006, Zhang investment 10 million Yuan established Shanghai a Hi car rental limited, a Hi car rental using independent development of set car management ERP system, tie precise of GPS global positioning system and full electronic of of background bill processing system, established has powerful of technology platform; March 2008, a Hi car rental get Qiming create voted 5 million dollars investment; July 2009, Ding Hui venture investment led voted, and set rich Asia and Qiming create voted with voted, For the second round of the US $ 20 million investment.
This reporter has learned, has received two rounds of financing the EHI is currently considering a third round of funding. Founder, Zhang says, EHI will in the coming year to get direct sales network covering more than 100 cities, operating for more than 10,000 vehicles.
Although the three companies the advantages of more different, but rely on financial support for further development of the model is the same.
"Auto lease is a capital intensive industry, lack of funding is a key factor restricting the development of, who pioneered the breakthrough financial bottlenecks, who will be able to dominate, fast becoming the industry leader. "A veteran car rental told reporters, for enterprises, only expanded the size gains can be achieved, financing is the best way to expand of enterprises.
So far, listed by seeking opportunities in the capital markets of China, Supreme, Hi common goals. Reporters found that in addition to the three companies, some smaller car rental companies will also be listed as a future direction for the development of enterprises.
"Price is the most important factor affecting consumers leased cars, especially in the rental habits of consumers had not yet fully developed stage, capital injection helps to reduce rents, attract more customers, so as to further expand the size of the market. "These people told reporters.
Xinhua learned from the China auto rental, from August 1, China auto rental slashed their prices, wholly series heavy 30% to 50%. With intermediate cars Buick excelle, for example, Monday through Thursday, the day before adjustment for 288 Yuan, down from 199 Yuan, fell by more than 31%.
Media reviews, domestic car rental market is going through a developmental disorder, because, in the rapid expansion of the market, laws and regulations associated with the car rental market has yet to come.
It is understood that the 1998 State had promulgated the provisional regulations on management of the car rental industry, clearly is the car rental industry Management Department of the transportation departments, and require the conditions required by the car rental company. However, with the end of 2007, the repeal of the provisional regulations on the management of the car rental industry, car rental there is no special regulations.
This year during the two sessions, Zuo Yanan, Chairman of the national people's Congress, Anhui jianghuai automobile has said that no specific legal constraints, car rental companies and car rental customers will take a huge risk.
In this connection, neither car rental companies or consumers are fully understood. For the car rental companies, it is difficult to determine the true identity of the customer, were tricked into renting possibilities for consumers in the event of accidents, it is difficult to use legal means to protect their own interests.
After all, the car rental industry is an industry of high risk and low profit, Shanghai Municipal Committee member, Vice Chairman of the all China Lawyers Association hongbing LV car rental industry recommended that States develop and implement preferential fiscal and tax policies, including appropriate tax relief for car rental companies allow car rental companies at the time of the accounting treatment of costs, accelerated depreciation, reduce expenses to help the long-term development of the enterprise.
Some experts believe that fundamentally specification car rental industry, need to formulate as soon as possible in accordance with car rental industry-related laws, regulations, or industry standard management, functional supervision and management for the car rental industry has been vibrant and, in this way, it will appear in the industry really "boss."

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