Car rental companies offer more for stunt
"Rent half price 39 on the first day," "daily 49 provinces a taxi" and "buy car" ... ... Now it is summer holiday season, all major car rental Web site developed exclusively for the summer peak of car rental car rental discounts.
Economic review reporter found that except seemed very low rent, rent a car actually pay, such as premiums, fees, most of the "hidden costs" at least doubled.
First day of rental discount
Herald reporter on Baidu keywords "Jinan rental car", the search results about 3.17 million. Log on a well-known car rental companies Web site, Herald reporter, offers include "individual rental car customers first car rental to enjoy the first day rent half price." Original BYD Yuan 79/day [27.91 1.09% research report]F0, such as great wall, Chery QQ, Elf, Le Chi, half-price after just 39; original 98 Yuan/day of the Peugeot 207, Elysee, the new sail, 49/day after the half.
Recently, the Herald reporter to identify customers for consulting several car rental companies to find, update its price, slightly higher prices than usual over the weekend, but some of the larger companies, rent, credit card has a different amount of rent concessions.
China auto rental launched Monday to Thursday, first day of rental concessions, but rent a car you need to apply for membership to the consumer, Platinum membership need to reserve in advance the value of 10,000 yuan. EHI launched the credit card rental car promotions, brush some bank credit card can enjoy the first day of rental concessions, as well as individual banks directly to rent on the first day. In order to attract customers, EHI launched cash enjoy pay only 99 Yuan on the first day of the sale.
However, the "first day of the first half" offers not only limited in terms of time, others have "." A Hi car rental "first first day half price" offers only limited rental vehicles of first day day rent halved, other costs as procedures fee, and premium, and oil fee, and timeout Super mileage fee, and offsite also fare, and GPS costs, by customer itself bear; "first rent first day 99 Yuan" only limited first rent first day of day rent, other time paragraph for price, not including procedures fee, and auto insurance, and vehicles pre authorized,. Not only that, the BMW 3-series, the Buick GL8 and the Buick Lacrosse, the Passat lingyu, Volkswagen Tiguan models are not involved in this activity. China auto rental has similar restrictions.
Loss paying for
Herald reporter found, Jinan City bundled most of the car rental companies to rent a car and car insurance, vehicle does not require customers to pay an additional premium.
Win-time car rental company Manager surnamed Zou told the Herald reporter, basic insurance must be purchased, excluding deductible insurance have the option to purchase. Models are not the same, basic insurance is different. But not because the vehicle has the basic insurance, compensation for customers after the accident would not have occurred. "If you only buy basic insurance, rub accident occurred, 1500 Yuan the following sections themselves, over 1500 part borne by the insurance company. "
However, not all companies according to the book. Some car rental companies only buy compulsory insurance for rental cars.
"If people want to rent it, the proposed selection of some of the major car rental companies. "The insurance industry Management Department of Shandong branch of Zhejiang businessmen veteran Wang Chih-kang said to the Herald reporter," because relatively large car rental companies vehicle insurance more perfect. "
Herald reporter in a car rental companies found on the Web site, customers at the time of booking car rental, will be required to buy insurance, but also would be advised to buy "excluding excess risks", that is, customers may purchase both types of insurance, in case of danger, less than 1500 Yuan losses are borne by the insurance company.
Wang Chih-kang said that, although the accident without deductible insurance to owners the deductible amount of the responsibility borne by all passed on to the insurance company, but without excess additional risks insurance for deducting a franchise, franchise franchise of certain accidents is ineffective.
Car leasing company affiliated
It is shown that the car rental market, China's annual growth rate is about 20%-30%, by 2015, the total scale of car rental industry is expected to reach 50 billion yuan, or even higher. Herald reporter found that facing the potential rental market, some car owners choose anchored in the car rental company, with a view to the "big cake".
In the Tianqiao district, Jinan is located in the community of a car rental company, Herald reporter revealed that the company has only a few cars, since there is no dedicated parking, cars were parked on the sidewalk in the surrounding area. How to solve when Herald reporter asked if the car is in short supply, his staff replied "you can ask a friend to take." And this "borrowing", is actually a private link.
According to the car rental company officials said private affiliated car, has no secret in the industry. "Car owners want to earn some money doing both. "
Wang Chih-kang said the cars for personal use vehicles, which substantially lower premiums than commercial vehicles, if the car is not informed in advance and increased premiums, insurance companies have the right to terminate the contract, and assumes no liability for damages.
Lawyer with mountain Dong Shunxiang Yang Chengmin said that private cars once affiliated leasing companies, property changes, commercial vehicles, if there is no vehicle operating certificates, belong to illegal trading.
Yang Chengmin said affiliated leasing of vehicles in the event of an accident or loss, will involve the owners, leasing companies, insurance companies and other multi-stakeholder, prone to disputes. Meanwhile, many rental company car rental after the accident in order to receive insurance compensation, mostly owners came forward to report and hide rental facts. In fact, this is bad for the owner, once it is verified, the owner, instead of getting compensation, there may be insurance fraud is held accountable.

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