Oil prices down 30% car rental business
Summer is driving the golden age of travel, car rentals, but now the rise in oil prices, to driving a family of one hit. A few days ago, the reporter found, all major car rental companies in our city visitors, traffic dropped sharply.
Yesterday, the interview with reporters at the Riverfront road car, one engaged in the rental car industry insiders said, up about 16% more than a week ago, the city also caused the car rental industry impact, car rental travel customers to dramatically reduce. He said, customers need to take care of themselves due to car rental fuel, and no buses, trains and other public transport fares as oil prices rise, so now driving costs higher than the cost of public transportation. After the oil price rise, who calculate the cost of car rental, found improved a lot than ever before, reducing the number of car rental.
In this regard, he is a case study of Lanzhou-wuwei, an economic accounts, about 270 km to both Lanzhou-wuwei, car fares 60 Yuan. It is understood that the normal driving required fuel consumption 8 l per 100 km. According to the present 93rd nearly 6 Yuan a liter of gasoline prices, the single trip fuel costs 126 Yuan, with nearly a hundred of tolls, Lanzhou-wuwei self-drive car fares higher costs more than three or four times.
Lanzhou great car rental company Manager, is now the tourism season, and had just started to rise in oil prices, so it did not have a big impact. But in the future, the peak tourism season, impact of oil prices on car rental will gradually emerge. "Some people might cancel the self-driving tour plans, some people chose public transport. "The Manager said the recent downturn in car rental 30%.
Journalists visited a number of car leasing company found that, like Citroen, Jetta, excelle, ordinary car rental cost at around 180-250 Yuan/day, prices are stable. Oil prices affect the leasing business, whether consideration will be given reduced rents to attract customers? Most car rental companies said that under the influence of operational costs, will not consider a lower rental price.

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