Audi R8 debut ahead of the autumn exhibition
On November 22, the fifth car fair will be opened on schedule. As Shenzhen last heavyweight large-scale auto show this year, the theme of this year's autumn exhibition is "its appreciation, rather than have" both listed new car and in the exhibition scale, overtaking previous car exhibitions. According to understand, exhibition of car brand has Land Rover, and Jaguar, and Volvo, and Mei game de Republika-Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, and modern Dr en Republika, and imports Mitsubishi, and red flag spirit, and Cadillac, and Chrysler, and Dongfeng Peugeot, and Changan Ford, and Shanghai General Buick, and Shanghai General Chevrolet, and Faw Toyota, and GAC Toyota, and Changan Mazda, and Faw Mazda, and Hainan Mazda, and wall car, and BYD, and Dongfeng popular,. Messages from the imported Audi exclusive agents in Shenzhen Ord, Audi R8 worth 2.57 million debut this early autumn exhibition, members of the public on November 19 in King glory Plaza Atrium in advance to enjoy the colorful elegant, exclusive honour of the Audi R8. Top domestic brand red flag spirit will also appear during the show in the public view, and King of the SUV Hummer also intends to debut this autumn exhibition.
Nowadays, in the context of economic downturn, many companies "harvesting" was not ideal, so this autumn exhibition, Shenzhen, dealers definitely do is to rekindle consumer passion for car purchases, activate the auto market, increase the preferential margins as their weapon.

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