Buy rather than rent
New things emerge on the Internet, recent hit is "tenant". For these strong identity "buy rather than rent," alternative network of consumers, whether for home, auto, life or the luxury expensive equipment, you can rent on the Web. Online rental heat, heralded the arrival of a new mode of e-commerce?
"Rent when you need to use"
"Can't afford to buy doesn't matter, can be rented as needed! "In today's network economy has introduced a variety of new patterns of consumption, a group of tenants are adhering to this philosophy has evolved.
Ms Wu because company-sponsored activities, recently returned from a large rental rent a Sony DV machines on a Web site, rent only 100 Yuan for three days. "Although paid 800 Yuan deposit, but the machine is good, and the other service is also very good. "She says, try online rentals for the first time, good luck.
Leasing Committee of China e-Commerce Association Secretary-General Dai Liquan had told the media that, in the view of the industry, today's network of tenants have slowly realized "with a small amount of money to enjoy the fun up to rent" life goals.
Generally, portable, affordable online leasing popular is the main reason. In a lease online, tens of thousands Yuan worth of piano rental price is 150 yuan a month; 2000 Yuan worth of digital cameras, day rental price is 15; renting old drivers to practice, 40 Yuan per hour; Teddy even 1 year old dog is 200 Yuan a month rent ... ...
Rental market potential?
Many tenants said that renting could save some money and meet the needs of some, but also through network rental, and there's no space for housing and area, the "rent to buy" so why not.
With the rising social concern about online rentals, observation and discussion on its prospects have also expanded. Shangjiangang e-commerce legal experts pointed out that first must be sure of is that "Internet users take the form of online rentals for free trade is actually using network platform transfers of his tenure, was perfectly legal."
From the direction of economic and commercial development, leasing is up online rental development a major part of. However, how large the demand for rental?
School of Economics, Fudan University Professor Chen Zhao said, rental has such a feature, or rental and consumer groups are not large centralized, decentralized, and preferences for items selected for housing is different, mostly for individual transactions. Therefore, large stores operating costs, compared with online rentals will edge. "This is an important reason for popular online rental, but also restrict the rapid development of a bottleneck."
He pointed out that the rental market potential, you need intensity based on market demand. However, even though some online rental of specialized Web site has to have a certain influence, but we have seen, actual turnover is still relatively small, how big is the real market, also is a detailed understanding of consumers ' needs.

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