Used vehicles in the North
Call: he is from the North, drive back home for the new year for the first time, but the weather in the North and the South is not the same, not used vehicles know how back to the North.
Shenzhen traffic Police Bureau police officer Zhao: low temperatures in the North, should be properly preheated every starting engines for the first time, at least the engine cooling water temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius to start with slow driving, this is the first warm-up phase. Preheating after the vehicle was not immediately high speeds.
In addition, to prevent vehicle parts from freezing. Part of the easy ice doors, brakes, tires, brakes, etc. In the case of low outdoor temperature and the air humidity is larger, more prone to this phenomenon. After parking every day both inside and outside of the air conditioner control panel cycle control should be placed within the loop to prevent windshield was freezing.
Snow vehicles have the following characteristics: unclear sight, wheels easy to skid, steering control of snow and ice pavement condition deterioration ... ... So on the ice road prone to accidents. When there is a snow and fog, the pilot automatic transmission drive mode selector switch should be placed at the "SNOW" position, slow down and maintain a greater distance with other vehicles on the road.

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