Car supermarkets or born again
Recently, industry sources said, for many years the brand management of sales this year is expected to introduce a revised version, which dealers can not only on equal footing with the automakers, and the exit will secure. In addition, the 4S shops may no longer be deemed to be the only form of sales, hypermarket-style car market may be back from the dead.
, For 5 consecutive months, with passenger cars fell, many car dealerships is on the verge of bankruptcy, is not optimistic about the future, some unprofitable car dealers began to opt out, or seek a career change. If the measures supporting rules introduced during the year, as to many dealers be reassured, has continued to develop confidence. According to people familiar with the matter said, revised version has been "car manufacturers car dealers may be authorized to develop and implement network plan" with the words "trust car dealers to develop and implement planning." From authorization to delegate two word description of the manufacturer and dealer relations will be a dependent becomes equal.
In addition, the 4S shop is a unique sales model will be set by the market in charge, authorized secondary distributors will not require manufacturer approval. The industry believes that, modify the approach if it could be issued during the year, or the sluggish automobile market play a role in saving. It is learnt that, due to the current open 4S shop in a city of high cost, many car dealers are on the verge of bankruptcy, they can look forward to revised after the development of secondary distributors, to enhance their sales capabilities. Secondary distributors generally select Auto market shop, this will drive the development of the automobile market. Meanwhile, revised version of "dealer exit" also stipulates that dealers don't have to worry about after the exit, to the manufacturer guarantees, advance payment is not guaranteed.
In fact, conflict between dealers and manufacturers more competitive, as early as last year's "two sessions" during the National Federation submitted a motion to the national people's Congress, proposed to revise the rules.

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