Matters needing attention

Conference rental considerations
For collective outings by car, because more people, we must strengthen dispatching management, vehicle scheduling, vehicle checks and driver management, ensure the participants are seated, ordered by bus. Not enough when riding, rent a car. Sporadic car car system must be established, provides scope and tasks, complete the ratification procedures. As for leading cadres car, should be required to be guaranteed. Following Jinan rental cars to introduce considerations for meeting car rental:
Transport should pay more attention to the Conference, otherwise, would interfere with the normal activities of the Conference and even the serious consequences of the break. Transport vehicle is the main task organization, car systems, car management, rental management, vehicle scheduling, vehicle inspections and driver management. If kept far from the venue of the meeting must have transport to delegates, participants organized enough vehicles as much as possible, to ensure that the Conference needs.
Car rental to pay attention to the details of the meeting:
(A) the rental cars you should know before renting a vehicle performance, price and rental car documents required.
(B) the need to you a detailed information when booking by phone, had a pinch.
(C) reservation in advance 1-2 day 2-3 days booking vehicles in advance for the weekend.
(D) the vehicle should be at least the number of days the number of days, such as not enough in advance before the drop-off time telephone renewal.
(E) when all the documents required, most documents are originals.
(Vi) after signing the contracts carefully before browsing the contents of the contract before signing.
(G) leave and return when the vehicle carefully review, confirm that is correct and then sign the document.
(H) driving safety exercise.
(I) in case of accident, you should inform the relevant Department as soon as possible, be sure to have a traffic accident judgment proof or safety Committee, both of which proved essential for insurance claims. Insurance must be notified in the first time, no more than 24 hours at the latest.

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