Matters needing attention

Car rental company's responsibilities and obligations
First, ensure good performance when vehicles leased, spare wheel, vehicle tools are complete and valid, and car rental transfer to work out;
Second, the vehicle responsible for the provision of various types of insurance, taxes and fees and management fees;
Three, responsible for the leased vehicle for normal repairs and maintenance on a regular basis;
Four, is responsible for the leased vehicle to the designated car repair shop to repair;
Five people, assisting car rental deal with traffic accidents and insurance provisions of the claims procedures;
Car rental share
Lessees in the normal vehicle repair, maintenance, inspection and insurance from the rental company. Because of delay in vehicle maintenance or annual review of the lessee, which take full responsibility for the losses caused by the lessee.
During the lease period, the lessee according to the manual of use, operation and maintenance of vehicles. In front of the car, must be examined such as engine oil, brake oil, condensate, and lights, tire pressure, and if problems are found, speed must send leasing company designated repair maintenance, or face the consequences.
During the rental period the lessee, have an obligation to keep good, using rented cars and related documents, keeping the body clean until returned to the leasing company so far. If lost should immediately inform the rental company and the relevant departments.

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