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Teach you how to find rental cars

first, what kind of car rental better
When we think first when renting any car rental company is better, in General, larger rental companies are good, companies due to a large leasing company complete the procedures, type and quantity models and have high credibility, the company best choice for car rental companies. Small car rental company is not only a choice of small, cost less than large companies save. Smaller companies in the subleasing company car at the same time, tend to pay some fees, so car rental sometimes small companies than large companies more expensive.
In addition, the leasing company which has taken over more than two years of the contract, generally require customers to specializes in buying a new car, small companies can do this no more.
Second, the accidents do
Course failure, the leasing company will generally give the lessee in time to change, some compensation for the delay time, namely lease time postponed by delays in time, also if there is a car rental company is not clearly defined, that the lessee's best time in order to seek more active.
Need to be reminded that, like accident should prompt alarm and contact the leasing company, contact by the leasing companies and insurance companies, and insurance companies send Auditors to assess the damage caused by the accident. Now, car rental industry norm generally is that original car repairs and medical expenses by the lessee (lessee) paid, after the insurance compensation in place, such as compensation for loss, then the lessee need not pay, or parts of other than damages borne by the lessee. Meanwhile, the lessee has to pay compensation to the car caused by delays in the repair fee.
Rental car in three
Choice in good condition is important for the car, car to check the rental vehicle licence date, generally a year or two off the new cars will not have much of a problem. Then, check to see if it looks serious scratches, tires rims deformation. Finally, hear the engine sound is abnormal when you test drive, check whether the brake wheel misalignment. In addition, note also that the car insurance category, and based on the time of registration is accurate, fuel and mileage should also be checked.

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