Matters needing attention

The rental contract areas in need of attention
B work or life needs to party rental of vehicles, in order to define their rights and obligations, our consultations are as follows:
First, party a to party b must complete procedures, clean and tidy;
Second, if party b urged drivers driving violations, party a has the right to recall vehicles and asked the party for rent.
Third, due to reasons b without the consent of the Party agreed to unilaterally cancel the car rental, party a has the right not to refund the deposit to b.
Four, party b must inform the car hire and travel (time, place, route, etc) and notice inform the party.
Five, party b must take care of the vehicle, such as accidental or intentional damage of party vehicles, compensation should be according to the price.
Six-party b has to pay the rent on time, rent obligations.
Seven-party the period of change of use, travel (such as routes, increase or decrease with time), should first inform party a consent order with the consent of the party a, party without party a's consent, without consultation with the drivers and not by all the consequences caused by the execution of the contract, party a shall not be liable for.
Eight, the party is obliged to provide the driver Board.
Nine, party b has the right to request party arrived at the designated location at a specified time, such as party economic loss due to subjective reasons for being late to the party, party b shall have the right to claim compensation from the party.
Ten, based on needs, allowed under the contract with reasonable dispatch party a drivers ' rights.
Third, party b has a priority right to renewal.
12, party a party economic loss caused by the fault of drivers, party b shall have the right to claim compensation from the party. (The party when he left the vehicle, please carry valuables, or money lost, party a shall not be liable for. )
In the performance of this agreement in the event of a dispute, in line with the principle of friendly consultation, and, as appropriate, negotiation issues that cannot be resolved through legal channels.
This agreement is made in two originals, each party holding one, brought into effect from the date of signing.
Party:                                                                                    &Nbsp;      b: _______________________

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