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Car rental industry realities and disparities
Car rental as a new form of consumption, can not only effectively dredge the automobile production and sales between the "bottleneck", and also to the car market has the effect should not be underestimated. Since the early 80 's, also began to get involved in the car rental industry in China. But nearly 20 years later, numerous car rental companies still look "City": the huge market, except that the operating environment is too harsh. This period reflects the current status of China's car rental industry, and a unique analysis of the trends of China's car rental industry. Believes that views can lead to car rental and car leasing readers.
5 reasons to show that we are childish and
Compared with the mature car rental industry in the world, China is still in the car rental industry crowded infant state caliber. The childish itself is as follows:
First, the short development time.
Compared with Europe and other developed countries, China's car rental industry was just a baby. Since 1981, China established the first leasing company--"China Eastern leasing company" has had 20 years of time, but ten years ago, the whole country will have been set up in more than 10 leasing companies, Shanghai has only four, until 1992, the Shanghai new leasing company only more than 10 companies. Only after 1993, the car rental company was gradually developed.
Strictly speaking, the emergence and development of China's car rental industry, that is, the last 10 years or so, is generally considered to be from the time of the 1989 Asian Games started. The first car rental company in the world, founded in 1918, has been the development of more than 80 years. When China's car rental industry was in its infancy when starving, their foreign counterparts has grown into a fierce brute, healthy man.
Second, enterprises are small, lack of ability to resist risks.
Last 7-8 years, car rental companies have sprung up like mushrooms across the country. According to statistics from related departments, currently engaged in car rental services for enterprises has reached about 3,000, but the lease total of about 40,000 vehicles. Most of the enterprises are small in scale, dozens of cars, ten old trample Lin scraps border idle < Gyop the word burn? she smoked? ⒔ loops toward the yttrium? di? Wei, she angered a row Gallery? Ping as cowardice? ridiculed? Emperor?? Big cockroach? Jing? bin irresolute? beard mixed polyester? more than 000 vehicles. Shanghai is the first domestic car rental industry, rental cars than any other city, but by the end of 2000, Shanghai, more than 400 more than all car rental companies have a leased car, and only about 20,000 cars. Less than the world's largest United States HERTZ a company car ownership of the mantissa (HERTZ existing taxi 525,000). Such a huge difference between, WTO China opened, multinational corporations came in, no company can compete with them.
Third, poor industrial relevance.
Europe's large car rental companies and car manufacturers, car sales companies, financial companies, travel companies are closely linked. Holding each other or shared between them, or car rentals Enterprise themselves have some features of the affiliated companies. Domestic car rental companies the majority of single function alone. It is difficult to scale, cannot be integrated into the associated resources.
Finally, low management level.
Is the management level of enterprises is relatively low, most car rental companies do not have their standard management system, some enterprises did not have any rules, is simply an arbitrary rule of management. Second is the low level of management in the entire industry. Neither a uniform industry standard nor system policies and legal norms. Legitimate interests of car rental companies operating without effective protection.
Finally, disordered competition, vicious competition.
Competition is the absolute law of market economy, the competition for development, but disorder and vicious competition is unfair competition, which resulted in several consequences of the defeat hurt, affecting the healthy development of the automobile leasing industry. For example, the competition among car rental companies. A lot of people think car rental market is a fast-growing meat, so it's like ants swarming, have registered Shanghai car rental companies, national car rental companies in the 5-6 years from dozens of development to thousands of these companies in order to eat more meat and bite each other. Then car rental, car rental companies and implicit competition between owners. Vehicles leasing business has greater profit margins, some State institutions or State-owned enterprises will be official car secrets into the rental market, some individuals and companies also put money into a hidden car rental industry. Since they do not burden with taxes and fees, it can keep the price low, form of unfair competition in the car rental industry.
China car rental industry for 5 years is snag
China's car rental industry ranging from 5 years to 10 years, will complete the transition from infant industry to a mature industry. Fought out from the competition by a few big companies will complete the carve up of China's car rental market. WTO will force China to market rules and international practice and after 5-10 years ' time has run successfully. Car rental companies are also within the 5-10 into the standard track. China's legislatures at all levels to expedite legal environment in the 5-10 comb and create, the national credit system construction and gradually improve, government functions from the change management for service-oriented, software environment of rapid development of the car rental industry will gradually mature.
National Highway network construction and management of Highways will be gradually developed within 5-10, for the development of the car rental industry to provide sufficient hardware environment.
5-10 within a years time from now, car rental industry will tend to lead to more fierce competition in the fair rules of the game. In addition to the existing and new Shanghai car rental companies, Shanghai car manufacturer, car rental and foreign production enterprises, domestic and foreign banks, insurance, tourism and other enterprises are involved in this competition. Constantly reshuffling in the competition process, there are big fish eat little fish, big fish eats the slow corporate restructuring; Finally, a minority of companies carve up China's car rental market is more stable.
Within 5 years from now, if there are very few car rental companies received unusual development, giving priority to complete restructuring of the domestic market, or leasing Giants international automobile production with their financial giants, tourism Giants jointly complete penetration of the car rental industry in China, China's car rental market is completely carved up by foreign enterprises.

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