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Car rental scam in which? I belong to what is the problem?
A few months before I saw it on a newspaper ad for a car rental company, so she called the last hired a car nisanglan bird, and account books and 30,000 deposit. But the lease of the car problems, when I have the car for the first time the company is to finance staff back home to marry, so can not be an excuse to return the deposit delays, and said that in this time of financial personnel prior to their return, not a rental car white. And then I had a week to return the car to the company called again, but the company also finances are not, other people have no right to charge a deposit of a reason to stall for time, so have dragged has dragged on for more than a month.
Now so I do not understand is where there will be vehicles for rental companies allow customers to white! Has spent more than a month free, because financial to get married, go to the United States also should be back.
So I am very worried that there will be any scam, also worries that someone took my account to do illegal things, deposits are small, even fewer back it doesn't matter.
I now own analysis which is to defraud a deposit, but I do not know on what grounds the company kind of way to blackmail, ask a knowledgeable friend or friends problem experienced this sort of thing should be how to solve.
There is a grid list does not indicate the vehicle with this condition, such as scratches and stuff, I have on the car body scratches and lay all the blame on me.
Is a fraud, I think the affiliated company must pay attention to, once you have linked to a company generally are unable to quit, which means too much, through affiliated companies, third party insurance, road maintenance, Annual Registration, these companies have the final say, now a third-party insurance around 1980 (4 cars); Insert into B_Consultative (ID,Title,KeyWord,Author,Detail,temp1,TypeID,AddDate,IsHotspot,IsTouTop,IsRecommend,Picturesl,ClickCount,temp2) values specified by some companies want you to buy insurance companies, Usually around 3000, toll fees, so there must be careful to choose above. I was very impressed, remember remember, good luck with that.

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