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Advantage car rental
Car as required of a modern society, means of transport, brings great convenience for our work and life, whether businesses, families or individuals, are more and more important to car. Buy a car? Is there a better way? Following Jinan automobile rental companies for you car rental advantages:
First of all, we Jinan rental car companies to introduce you to worry about buying a car:
1, buy a car for more than 100,000 Yuan at least, affect the cash flow and even cause you to lose investment opportunities, loans to buy a car is handling more trouble and more, are not economically viable.
2, after China's accession to the WTO, experts predict that the price will be decreased by more than 20% annually in the next few years will mean an annual loss of 20% on buying a car.
3, the cost is high. Buy an affordable car, costs a total of about 24,000 yuan per year.
4, procedures too cumbersome. A car each year procedures for insurance, road maintenance fees, vehicle tax, inspection, maintenance, custody, maintenance and other vehicle convenience to you to cause you trouble at the same time.
5, select models difficult. Buy a car, activity seats is not enough; bought station wagons usually seat vacancy rates high, also, really difficult Ah!
6, vehicle management difficult. Cars mean more to drivers and vehicles, personnel costs and workload will increase.
7, vehicle idle rate high: whether companies or individuals to buy a car, vehicle idle rate is quite high, full vehicle efficiency. Jinan rental car companies the advantages of
First of all, economically viable: 150,000 yuan to buy a car, for example, annual fees and vehicle losses of about 40,000 yuan, its price will be 120,000 yuan a year later, loss of the car price of 30,000 yuan.
Jinan, you takes a little money in our car rental companies rent a car to your satisfaction.
Then our car rental company in Jinan, you can flexibly select models that you can be replaced according to the different needs of the model you want.
Again, in our car rental company in Jinan easier: in this rental car so you have the convenience of driving.
Finally, compared with private car hire, our company vehicles and reliable car rental Jinan, more safety guarantees, risk taking ability, vehicle or driver fatigue may at any time arrange for alternative vehicle and driver, transfers to provide formal legal documents, you can reduce the operating risks for the enterprise.
Above is our Jinan Jinan rental cars, car rental company to introduce our strengths, I believe we have a wise choice!

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