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Used car trade to learn how to prevent
With the rapid economic development and rising standard of living. More and more people to buy cars, vehicles increased, along with used cars will increase, as the saying goes: boats. In recent years, the used-car market has been developing rapidly. Used car trading volumes continue to increase, but in the used-car transactions, many traffickers often use some means of fraud. How to learn to prevent used car transactions, avoid losses.
Gotcha 1: exaggerating the problem
"Scalpers" in order to drive down prices, inflated the old problem. Owner if you do not know the vehicle salvage value may be deceived, high-end vehicles and selling low.
Precautions: in General, the condition of the vehicle is difficult to measure for looks, such as exhaust, slip, axle, brakes, chassis, automobile electronic control units and, it needs the "diagnostic" instrument to complete, suggested the brand used-car Center and other professionals looking for professional evaluators to assess.
Gotcha 2: low price
Not bad for some of the old car, "yellow cattle" also use the owners don't know the old car market artificially low purchasing price for owners suffering financial losses.
Preventive measures: recommended selling car to go to the media, market the same type brand, the same age as the approximate price range and the condition of the vehicle. If possible, you can drive to the used car market and many used car Center and carry price, purchase price bottom, prevent fraud.
Gotcha 3: not checked used car purchase and sale agreements, or agreements text
Agreement provides for the responsibilities of both parties and enjoy corresponding legal guarantees of the right of the text reflected. Signed agreement or sentence if not ambiguous, then sold the vehicle in case of any problem, the original owner may suffer some losses.
Precautions: sale of used car it is best to go to a professional used car Centre, whether to buy or sell a signed formal agreement to and carefully read each of the terms of the agreement. Sign the agreement must also allow dealers to effectively seal on the cover.
Gotcha 4: the old car is not timely transfer
After many consumers buy used cars, owing to delays in the transfer of, in case of violation or accident, prone to disputes, is also a great loss for the people who buy used cars (including issues such as ownership of the vehicle), vehicle accidents the original owner to bear in future must be jointly and severally liable. The most common case is that vehicles sold tickets also send their own.
A lot of people in buying a used car with no car ownership in a timely manner, and later appeared in a series of problems and accidents. Prone to disputes. For buyers is a lot of damage. Hope this article will want to purchase used cars were a reminder that will have money to spend, they have to buy a worry. We usually watch and see more information, some of the loss can be avoided

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