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Car rental travel catalyst for change
Many years ago, drove car seemed a few luxury can be achieved. In the present, self-driving tour has become a popular way to travel, has become one of the main means of travel. Obviously, travel is inadvertently changed, and in this change in the car rental industry has played an important role in boosting.

In more than 10 years ago, speaking of travel, people tend to think of sitting on a bus or a green train, arrived after a long wait for the rear, and tired already of interest instead of when they started the journey. Traffic inconveniences to travel occasionally to act, even a few people will go out and travel, is particularly narrow range. With the improvement of people's living standards, more advanced railway and the trains is speeding up, people have more opportunity to go where you want to go to the tourism market is growing up.
Travel market increasingly popular travel agencies springing up there, greatly promoting the development of the tourism industry. Through a travel agent on that platform, cut down on his travel troubles, while also has a large discount on the price. But so far, travel agencies, has become synonymous with shopping in a disguised form, people are more and more sceptical about the mission trip. Meanwhile, tour travel typically makes a lot of people who really enjoy travel is unacceptable, therefore, tours began traveling back into people's lives.
Compared with conventional tours, driving by car is more convenient and free. In it, slashed prices of the car so that more people are beginning to have their own car, self-driving tour is becoming possible. But driving is not the main means of travel, until the development of the car rental industry, it makes driving a real walk into the homes of ordinary people. In changes in the modes of travel, are moving towards increased liberalization and of quality.
Car rental self drive tour of the catalyst
In recent years, car rental industry has achieved rapid development at home, rent a car has become a popular way for modern traffic, driving convenient comfortable car-free family began to travel by car to achieve driving dream.
EHI Chairman Zhang said, in Europe and the United States, and, along with accommodation and work far, generally by way of driving driving to and from work, to rent mainly for daily use. At home, daily life most people still had a choice of public transport, car rental is mainly used in some very special times and daily car rental self drive holiday is one of the most common purposes.
According to the survey, now in the car rental business, three-fourths individual customers are mainly used for weekend holidays, leisure travel and family visits.
It can be said that development of the car rental industry, let more and more people joined the self-driving tour team, in just the past 11 holiday, car rental rates of all major car rental companies rising air, and large enterprises such as the EHI's occupancy rate has been as high as 100% in key cities, which shows that rental car market an unprecedented heat.
As the car rental industry's development, people also began to gradually hire vehicles travel in everyday life. Current Lottery gambling status and traffic pressure on the environment so that more and more people began to abandon the concept of car, which turned to car rental, further promote the booming car rental market.
Car rental self drive notes
Car rental self drive now is common, but the choice of rental cars, a lot of people are still scratching their heads. In this regard, be sure to select the models that match their needs and in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the trip.
Self-driving tour groups at the time of hire vehicles should be integrated and information on road conditions and other factors to select the number. If it is a small suburb of tours, to select a small economy car; if it is a long road and mountain road and the road trip, the best choice for superior off-road running performance; if it is a family tour and group tour, besides comfort, vehicle spaces are important factors to consider.

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