Matters needing attention

Driver's license how true or false I see it
And subjective look at a driver's license.
First look at fonts on driver's license compliance with technical specifications, driver's license and Deputy page writing, material or color is consistent, if they do not match, it is possible to be a real one. For old version license main see license of classification, and Deputy card Shang of years trial endorsement chapter of font and Ministry of public security unified set of dedicated font and style whether as, whether has pinhole, can with hand can touch out, if font no pinhole, is is fake card; for new license main see license of classification, and home page or Deputy page endorsement font whether using national unified of dedicated print security font, if, is is fake card. Second look on driver's license for atom stamp of the seal of the issuing authority, if not, then be false; if the old version of the license depends on the driver's license photo with or without seal of the issuing authority of steel, if there is no steel seal, it is false. See photo specifications on the driver's license again, and I are the same, whether or not there are mismatch, paste, molding and other phenomena, especially the new version of driver's license photos for the holder of my recent hat, white background color positive photo (correcting vision wear glasses), if you have doubts, go to the next step.
Second, objective search a driver's license.
By the above method does not determine the truth of their driver's license, which license did have doubts, you can
Use queries to a driver's license, license inquiries can go to the local Department of transportation network, can also be provided to a special site license enquiry service license query

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